Leopold Stokowski on Newton Classics acclaimed by the critics

Since its release on Newton Classics in October 2010, Leopold Stokowski’s recording of Rachmaninov’s Third Symphony and other works has been praised by critics, both in the press and online. Below is a round-up of extracts from the best reviews:

Audaud ★★★★
“Yet, having returned to the score after forty years, Stokowski builds up a magisterial tension very slowly, ever alert to the subtle shifts in meter and dynamics, and always playing fully the composer’s trump card in warm effulgent melodies.” (…)
“The forever charming Vocalise floats and charms at once, diaphanous and exquisitely tender, a simultaneous tribute to Wagner’s dream of “endless melody” and Rachmaninov’s fluent and lyric genius. [All the new Newtons that have come thru here have been exemplary remasterings from the original discontinued discs – bringing them into current sonic standards.]”

International Record Review
“I don’t know any recording of this piece (including Rachmaninov’s own) that is as constantly imaginative, or as dazzling at climaxes. (…) this is a joyous performance. The Vocalise is lovely and the recorded sound is opulent.”

MusicWeb International
“The disc opens with a luxurious (7:03) rendition of the Vocalise, the composer’s own orchestration, but full of the conductor’s tenderly attentive ministrations. These act in a beneficent way and bring out the work’s lushly romantic side.” (…)
“The feral exuberance is remarkable with the notes seeming to tumble one over another – one can almost see the conductor wild-eyed with white hair flying amid the brilliant glitter and thunderous attack.”

Classical Candor
“One of the advantages of being a reviewer is the joy of discovery. Of the many discs I get to audition each month, not all are interesting enough to mention at the site and only a relative few jump out and demand serious attention. Such a recording is Stokowski’s Rachmaninov Third Symphony.” (…)
“Under Stokowski, the Third takes on new dimensions, imbued with a passion I’ve never found in it before.” (…)
“What’s equally important, though, is the disc’s excellent sonic quality, recorded by engineer Bob Auger.” (…)
“It continues to be one of the best discs I’ve listened to in quite a while.”

And you, how did you like this recording?
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