Berio’s Sequenzas III & VII praised in the press

Following last week’s post about the success of Leopold Stokowski’s recording of Rachmaninov’s Third Symphony in the press, we are now sharing with you some extracts from the best reviews of Berio’s Sequenzas III & VII on Newton Classics.

Do you agree with the reviews below?

The Independent ★★★★
“It is Différences, composed for five instruments playing alongside tape treatments of themselves, that most impresses here: always lively and inquisitive, the breezy interplay of wind, harp and strings flourishing while never baulking at the more astringent discordancies.”

Sunday Times ★★★
“Live music is confronted none to subtly with variants of itself on tape; the wonky, echoey electronic sounds have a sort of period flavour, and the spikily dissonant, harp-dominated instrumental writing has an invigorating lemon flavour.”

MusicWeb International
“Berio’s fascinating music rarely disappoints me, although its accessibility is dependent on a reasonable degree of concentration from the listener and a propensity to keep an open mind.”
“The forty year old sound presented no problems being clear and extremely well balanced. I cannot find words to describe the performances on this disc other than impeccable and extremely impressive.”

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