Newton Classics on

Did you notice the latest change on our website?

When clicking on the ‘buy now’ button on the catalogue page, you are now being redirected to the largest pan-European specialist classical music retailer: is the new online shop for classical music lovers in Europe. With their American sister organisation,, they have developed a unique search system which makes it easy for you to find any classical CD, DVD, SACD or Blu-ray disc.

The good news is that all Newton Classics recordings are available on the website and they even have a dedicated page:

On the website you can get Newton Classics recordings from £6.99 and you also benefit from the expertise and outstanding service provided by the people behind the site, just like you would in a physical specialist store.

Now to get any recommendations, advice or information about our classical recordings you can either leave us a message on this blog, Facebook, Twitter and by email (, or you can visit the new online store and ask their team of experts!

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