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Here at the Newton offices, it is our job to search archives and wade through recordings to find the best musical gems for you to add to your collections. However, we realise that many of our customers don’t have the time to conduct lengthy searches for the perfect disc, which is why we created our newsletter!

Issued monthly, it is jam-packed with concise but interesting details about upcoming releases, new collaborations, and which distributors we work with in other parts of the world. It also features selected reviews of our recordings, as well as news about any changes to our website.

All you need to do to subscribe is visit our website, find the little red box on the right hand side of the home page, and enter your email address. As simple as that! Even better, there is no subscription fee – our newsletter is free.

Welcome to the world of Newton Classics!

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3 Responses to Sign up to the Newton Classics Newsletter for monthly updates

  1. Paul Yee says:

    As an employee for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO), I have a vested interest, but I would like to see Newton Classics reissue the classic Mercury Living Presence recordings made by Paul Paray and the DSO. Highlights, among many include: Saint-Saens’ Symphony No. 3 “Organ”, Ravel & Debussy’s Orchestral Works, Bizet’s Carmen & L’Arlesienne Suites and Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique.

  2. Admin says:

    Dear Paul, thank you very much for leaving a comment on our blog. We always welcome suggestions of re-issues and we will take yours into consideration. Many thanks!

  3. david w says:

    Another re-issue idea. The recent purchase of the Dussek recital by Luca Palazzolo got me thinking: a perfect candidate for a re-issue on your label would be a late 80s Philips recording of 3 Dussek Sonatas on a beautiful Broadwood fortepiano by the wonderful Dutch fortepianist Stanley Hoogland… just a thought.

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