Newton Classics’ recordings praised by BBC Music Magazine

BBC Music Magazine recently reviewed a selection of our recordings and if you missed them, you can now read the fantastic reviews below:
Newton Classics Berlioz Romeo et Juliette BBC Music Magazine review
Berlioz Romeo et Juliette:
“Wit, sparkle, tenderness, majesty, excitement: it’s all here, and the difficult final scene is done with ease. A classic.”
★★★★★ Performance
★★★★★ Recording

Newton Classics BBC Music Magazine Arriaga String Quartet review
Arriaga Complete String Quartets / Guarneri Quartets:
“Arriaga’s tragic death following illness at the age of 19 robbed music of a rich talent. These Quartets are rewarding, particularly in such committed performances.”
★★★★★ Performance
★★★★ Recording

Janacek String Quartets Wolf Italian Serenades BBC Music Magazine review Newton Classics
Janacek String Quartets Nos 1 & 2 / Wolf Italian Serenade in G:
“High energy levels make for a very concentrated performance of the First Quartet. The performers give a more richly texture reading of the Second.”
★★★★ Performance
★★★★ Recording

Chopin Four Ballades and Impromptus Newton Classics BBC Music Magazine review
Chopin Four Ballades and Impromptus:
“Warm, generous playing, replete with exemplary musicianship in which, however, a classical reserve tends to soften the severities in Chopin’s most searing outbreaks.”
★★★★ Performance
★★★★ Recording

Do you have a favourite recording among the four reviewed above? Do not hesitate to share your comments!

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