Our vision

Newton Classics, a Dutch based record label, was founded in 2009.

Our vision is to return old friends to the classical music lover, and these friends are all fantastic recordings being sourced from the vaults of major record labels. Most of the recordings which are being issued by Newton Classics have not been on the market for quite a substantial length of time, often more than ten years.

The choice of recordings is purely driven by musical quality and value as well as proven track record popularity with a large group of classical music fans. Being a small organization, we can afford to issue recordings in much smaller quantities and yet gives the collector the pleasure of a high quality physical product, packaged well and with the added value of new booklet notes and superior design.

Our small team at Newton Classics consists of people who are passionately involved in classical music. It is our aim to build a catalogue of around 1500 titles and this will include brand new recordings starting in 2012/2013.

3 Responses to Our vision

  1. Orson says:

    Will there be any furnishing measures such as digital remastering employed on the re-release? Since the vision is about making “high quality physical product,” do we have any chance to upgrade these all-time treasures? Thanks a lot 😀

  2. Admin says:

    Dear Orson,
    Thank you very much for your comment. Please find an answer from Theo Lapp, founder of Newton Classics, below:
    “The masters we receive are always of the best quality and having discussed this with eminent sound engineers, there is just little to gain from another remastering exercise. I personally do not want to move too far away from the source, so the decision was taken to remaster only in exceptional circumstances.”

    • Orson says:

      Thank you for the info.
      I’m looking forward to these recordings and glad to see the local retailer putting them on the shelf.



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